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Why you need professional document scanning


Paper files in filing cabinets used to rule the roost in corporate America. There were entire jobs simply for filing these papers. But increasingly, companies are finding they have an abundance of physical documents that could serve them equally well – or better – as digital files. Understanding why you need professional document scanning and how it works can help you choose the right service provider.

With over 30 years in the industry, DRSi has fine-tuned our methods and procedures to ensure you get the best products and services possible. Our professional document scanning service helps companies throughout the greater Seattle area solve their document storage problems. Contact us today for a quote.

Different Document Scanning Options

Most of us have had to scan documents at some point. Whether for a mobile deposit to your bank or uploading a child’s field trip permission slip, you’ve probably scanned something. 

When it comes to your business digital scanning needs, you can go the DIY route or hire a professional.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of these options.

Digital Document Scanning DRSi

DIY Document Scanning

Many solopreneurs and micro-businesses choose to do their own document scanning since they might not have a lot to digitize. Smartphones and all-in-one printers often can do a sufficient job for their needs. But as soon as your business and your team begin to grow, the DIY choice probably won’t serve you anymore. 

DIY Document Scanning Pros

  • It’s appropriate for single documents and small batches of papers.
  • It generally doesn’t require special equipment.
  • Scanning can happen immediately if needed.
  • It’s free if you have something to scan with and don’t have to pay your staff to do it.

DIY Document Scanning Cons

  • Capturing high-quality images is difficult.
  • Skewed or blurred files are common.
  • It’s time-consuming for you or your staff.
  • Scanning can get costly if you need to go to a DIY store such as FedEx.
  • You need to remove all bindings, clips and staples.
  • It’s usually not viable for large-format documents.
Digital Document Scanning from DRSi

Professional Document Scanning

When you have a lot of files to handle and need excellent images, hiring a professional is the best way to go. Whether you have a box of documents or a storage room full of them, an experienced team can handle it.

Professional Document Scanning Pros

  • It’s appropriate for small or large amounts of documents.
  • You receive high-quality, high-resolution images.
  • It doesn’t take away work time from you or your staff.
  • Digitized documents arrive in labeled, organized digital files.
  • It’s ideal for large-format documents.

Professional Document Scanning Cons

  • It requires a turn-around time that varies based on the project size.
  • It may cost more than DIY, depending on the project scope.

Why You Need Professional Document Scanning

Some businesses avoid taking the step of digitizing their company’s documents because of the time, energy or money needed. But this choice can be a costly mistake in many ways. Hiring a professional service provider to scan your crucial documents brings tremendous benefits.

Frees Up Storage Space

Every industry, from healthcare to education to construction, generates a lot of documentation. Employee files, contracts, student records and more end up sitting in boxes or filing cabinets somewhere. 

Your organization’s square footage is too valuable to waste on boxes of papers. A professional scanning service allows you to reclaim storage rooms for other purposes. And if you don’t have a dedicated office space, storage solutions are even more critical.

Gets Everyone on the Same Digital Page

It’s no secret that companies and organizations of every size have shifted their workforces. The pandemic put remote work on the fast track, and many businesses no longer have office spaces. 

When this shift happened, teams suddenly discovered they didn’t have access to crucial documents. Digitizing your files means you can share access with all of your employees, contractors, clients and vendors as needed. Scanned documents are perfect for sharing via email or on virtual calls with your staff.

Gives You Greater Security Control

We’ve probably all seen movies where someone breaks into a file room to steal documents. Suspenseful music aside, it’s just not that difficult to do. Keeping your important files in paper format risks someone taking, mishandling, or accidentally shredding them.

Digital files, however, can have much higher levels of security. Once you have your scanned documents, you can choose how you want to protect them. Passwords, secure servers, and encryption are all options for business owners to protect their intellectual property.

Allows for Large Format Scanning

Architects, engineers and construction professionals work with large format plans and drawings daily. If these are only on paper, it’s challenging to share them with your clients or associates. You need professional document scanning to digitize plans and drawings for your team to access when necessary.

The Professional Document Scanning Process

At DRSi, we’ve established a streamlined system that ensures you get excellent digital files in a timely manner. Our service includes all of the following steps:

  • Removal of all binding items: staples, clips, etc.
  • Flattening of documents
  • Taping tears on the back side of documents to ensure a high-quality image
  • Running test scans
  • Scanning to your resolution specifications
  • Inspection of digital files to check for blurriness or askew images
  • Rescanning when needed for quality
  • Organizing and labeling digital files per your requests
  • Transferring files to your digital environment
  • Returning physical documents to you or arranging for secure document disposal

At the end of the process, you will have your physical and digital files to handle as you see fit for your organization. Once they receive the scanned documents, many companies choose to destroy the paper versions.

Document Scanning Services for the Seattle Area

Facing up to boxes and shelves of paper documents can feel overwhelming. And spending your time and energy scanning them yourself to get a digital format is probably not the best use of your resources and skills. Utilizing a third-party service frees you to do the work your company’s success needs from you.

The experts at DRSi can streamline this process, freeing you to focus on running your organization. Most projects are priced by the box, so reach out to our team to learn more and get a quote for your scanning needs.

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