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Window Decals and Perforated Window Vinyl

Turn your windows into opportunities to communicate with your customers!  Window decals can be used to feature your logo, highlight a sale or special event or encourage customers to come in and try a new product.  In addition to promotions, window decals are also an important element of your store design and visual package and should reflect the aesthetic and style of the rest of your décor and signage.


There are a range of material choices for window applications.  Options include clear window cling with no adhesive or residues – these are excellent for quick and easy installation and removal by your branch staff.  Or choose perforated vinyl that displays the printed graphic to the outside while allowing your staff and customers to see through the window from the inside.  Looking for a more permanent application to display your hours of operation?  Check out our vinyl window lettering!

Window Media Options:

  • Static cling (no adhesive), best for short-term use less than 2 years
  • Vinyl (adhesive), best for long-term use
  • Perforated (adhesive), great for short-term use like special events and sales

Window decals can be installed on either side of your windows:

  • Outside: Choose this if your decal will be applied on the side you view it from. This is often referred to as “first surface.”
  • Inside: Choose this if you will install the lettering behind the glass from where it is viewed. This is often called “second surface”.  Second surface is an excellent choice for high traffic areas to protect your decals from damage.

Need help with installation?  Just include a note in your order and we’ll take care of it for you!

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