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Notebooks and Notepads

Extend your branding to your team’s notebooks and notepads with custom printing from DRSi.  Or keep your company top of mind by providing branded notebooks to your clients – when they reach for a pad to take a quick note, your logo and contact information will be front and center.

Custom Printing

Have common forms your team fills out regularly in the field?  Custom printed notepads will fit easily in their pocket and always be at hand, ensuring the right information is captured real-time, avoiding costly mistakes or inaccurate recollections.


Looking for duplicate copies of forms?  Check out our carbonless forms for more information.


What’s the difference between a notepad notebook and a notebook?

Notepads are typically bound together with a flexible glue and a sturdy cardboard backing, allowing you to tear off a single page at a time.  While they’re typically glued along the top edge, we can also glue the left, right or bottom edge to meet your specifications.  Notebooks, on the other hand, are bound with a mechanical binding like a spiral binding or twin loop/wire-o binding.

Can you print lined paper or grid pads?

Absolutely!  Many of our construction industry clients have been getting their grid pads from DRSi for years and love using them on the job.  Lined notebooks can be great for your team and look polished in client meetings – not to mention that they make great giveaways to clients and prospects!

What size should my notepad or notebook be?

DRSi can produce your notebooks and notepads in any size.  Standard 8.5” x 11” makes it easy to have frequently-used forms quickly at hand.  4” x 6” notepads are perfect for a quick note in the office, and smaller 3” x 4” pads are great for site incident reports.

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