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Printed menus enhance the dining experience and allow you to showcase your full offering, increasing average check size. By using a daily or weekly menu, you can continually offer new options to your customers to keep them coming back regularly.

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Are you looking to increase your delivery or take-out volume?  Print economical takeout menus on 20# bond in black ink to make sure your menu is always on hand when cravings strike.


We offer a range of materials for your menu printing – the right paper for your desired experience.  Our Opaque 60# text media works great for single-use menus, whereas our Opaque 100# cover media is the ideal choice for weekly menus or a premium experience.  For more durable multi-use menus, have your menu laminated with your choice of matte, luster or gloss finish.  Or choose our Rhino material – a polyester paper that is waterproof, tear-proof and stands up to disinfectant and cleaning agents.  Show customers you take their health and safety seriously by providing single-use menus or disinfected menus that look great!

DRSi’s high quality menu printing is affordable, enabling you to change your menus as often as needed to keep them fresh and up to date. Choose a flat menu or folded, depending on the number of items on your menu.  A simple one-sided menu on a substantial paper weight is ideal for an elevated dining experience.  A bi-fold, full-color menu is great for fast-casual spots.  Looking for something a bit more unique?  We offer a wide range of folding options, including:

  • Bifold: Also called half-fold, your menu is folded once down the middle. The fold can be horizontal or vertical.
  • Trifold: Your menu is folded in thirds, resulting in 3 panels on each side.
  • Z-fold: This zig-zag fold creates 3 panels on each side and opens like an accordion.
  • Roll fold: Your menu is folded three times, starting from the right, resulting in 4 panels on each side of the menu, creating ample room for text and images.

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