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A Branded Web-to-Print Solution for Your Marketing Needs

Keeping up with the demand for printed marketing materials throughout your organization can be overwhelming. From navigating customization requests to eliminating errors, managing such a wide array of printing needs takes significant time and energy.

DRSi offers the perfect solution: a customized web-to-print portal that houses your branded templates and marketing materials. Say goodbye to wading through all of your team’s approval requests for each piece of marketing collateral and worrying about ensuring brand consistency across your printed materials.

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How Does a Web-to-Print Storefront Work?

Allow your team the freedom to create the materials they need, when they need them using a series of templates you’ve pre-approved and made available on your custom storefront. It’s as simple as 1 – 2 – 3:

  1. We create a branded site for your company and set it up with your approved templates that adhere to your brand guidelines.
  2. Your approved users log in to customize the materials they need for their department or location.
  3. We print and deliver their order directly to them.

As the administrator, you control who has access to which materials. You also control which elements of a template they can customize, like contact information or event dates.

Rather than micromanaging all of these decisions on a request-by-request basis, you set the parameters once, and employees can order what they need without going off-brand. Your order history across all users is conveniently available in one central location, allowing you to track usage and manage budgets more easily.

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DRSi Web-to-Print portal
DRSi Digital Storefront

Cohesive Branding Across the Board

By using a custom storefront from DRSi, you can keep your company’s printed materials on-brand at all times. This customized site removes inconsistency in your marketing collateral from department to department and location to location so that your business always puts its best face forward. In your centralized web-to-print portal, your employees can access templates for all their printing needs.

This bespoke, streamlined system saves you tremendous amounts of time as you no longer have to approve every piece of printed material for your company. And it saves you money by avoiding errors and off-brand printing that you can’t use. Now your team can order what they need when they need it.

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