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Plans and Blueprints

DRSi’s roots are in reprographics, and we know construction printing better than anyone.  Our team goes beyond just printing your architectural drawings – we check your large format documents for accuracy to ensure fonts show up correctly, ensure title blocks are present for all pages and check alignment on all pages. In addition to black-and-white, we offer economical color printing to convey additional detail in your drawings.  Having the most up-to-date plans on hand at all times helps prevent costly errors and rework.

Top Quality

Whether you need full plan sets or just a few sheets, full size or half size, color or black-and-white, we’ll make it happen.


We offer a range of binding options, including stapled, edge bound and screw posted bindings.  We also offer folding – either individual sheets or as a set – to incorporate your drawings with letter-sized information packets and materials.

We can print your sheets in their original size, half size or size down to any custom size you need.  Standard sheet sizes are as follows:

  • 12×18 (Arch B)
  • 18×24 (Arch C)
  • 24×36 (Arch D)
  • 30×42 (Arch E1)
  • 36×48 (Arch E)

Our standard material for plan printing is a high grade bond specifically designed for inkjet architectural printing – giving a crisper image and brighter white than standard 20# bonds.  We offer 24# coated bond as a heavier weight option ideal for an elevated look and excellent reproduction of renderings.  Rhino is our special weather-resistant, super tough polypropylene-based material that results in plans that can stand up to the tough conditions on jobsites and our wet Pacific Northwest weather.  And we’ve got you covered with Mylar as well, often requested by cities for their submissions.

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