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The face of business continues to shift and morph, sometimes swiftly and drastically. And with these changes, companies face new challenges in their document storage and access. Storage rooms and filing cabinets worked well when organizations had localized workforces all in the same building. Or at least in the same city.

Remote workers, global locations and all-hours schedules make it difficult for employees and other partners to access the documents they need when they need them. And with more and more companies downsizing or forgoing a physical location entirely, the problem of storing hard copies is becoming urgent.

Digital document scanning is the answer to many frustrations that companies now face. With the DRSi Scanning Outsource Service, your organization will enjoy:

  • Reduced Overhead Costs – You can eliminate many of your physical storage needs.
  • Increased Security – Once you digitize sensitive client and company information, you can control access to it more easily. This is far more secure than paper document storage.
  • Fewer Risks of Damage – Paper documents are at risk of fire and water damage in the case of an emergency.
  • Greater Efficiency – Your entire team can access everything they need, any time, from any location when you digitize your files with DRSi’s scanning service. Eliminate the time that’s wasted when workers can’t access the documents they need.
  • Greater Sustainability – Scanning documents, rather than making more copies, is a much more eco-friendly way to do business.
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Large-Format Document Scanning Available

For architects, engineers, and contractors, your whole team must have access to the most up-to-date versions of pertinent documents. But if your team is remote, it’s hard to accomplish this feat. 

Blueprint scanning from DRSi allows all key players the access they require to get the job done. It also enables you to share documents with your clients, sub-contractors and other key partners as needed.

Streamlining this piece of your business will save you time and money.

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Blueprint scanning DRSi
Digital Document Scanning from DRSi

Care and Attention to Detail - The DRSi Difference

Handing over your company’s documents to an outside scanning service provider requires a high level of trust. At DRSi, we take that trust seriously and have developed a meticulous method to ensure the integrity of your files. With 30 years of experience, we can ensure that our systems work for you.

Document Preparation

Before we begin scanning and digitizing your documents, the DRSi team does a thorough preparation. This step includes: 

  • Removal of all staples, paper clips and binder clips
  • Unrolling original documents and using invisible tape on the back of any tears to avoid further damage 
  • Re-rolling documents in the opposite direction to flatten them for a better scan 
  • Test scans to determine proper settings for the best digital capture and scan result


After preparation, our experts scan each sheet per your requirements and defined image resolution. All images are at least 300 dots per inch (DPI). We scan all documents and plan sheets into single-page or multi-page PDFs, per your request.

Quality Control

To ensure you receive the best digital document scanning possible, DRSi follows strict quality control protocols. Before considering a project finished, we confirm that all documents we received or transported have been scanned and accounted for. 

Our team also inspects the images to ensure they are of excellent quality and within your parameters. Any images that appear stretched, low-contrast or low-resolution will be re-scanned. Careful attention to detail, including rotating upside-down plan sheets and straightening images that are askew, ensures you receive high-quality images that help your team get the information they need faster. 

Once a batch of plans or documents is complete, digital files are organized, labeled and tagged per your specifications and ready to transfer to your digital environment.

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Who Benefits from Document Scanning?

Any organization in any industry can take advantage of digitizing their paper documents. This service is particularly useful for all of the following types of files:

  • Student Records and Transcripts
  • Employee Records
  • Patient Records
  • Bank Statements
  • Invoices
  • Permits
  • Maps
  • Contracts
  • Case Files
  • Discovery Documents
  • Architecture and Engineering Plans

If you’re ready to simplify and streamline your document access and storage, connect with a DRSi team member to learn more and get a quote.

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