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Labels, Stickers and Decals

DRSi produces high quality stickers, decals and labels on standard paper or high-tack conformable material suitable for application on curved and textured surfaces.  Any shape is possible – round, oval, square, rounded corners, die cut.  Lamination with matte, satin or glossy finish protects your stickers and keeps them looking great!  Stickers can be provided in rolls, sheets or cut individually.


DRSi produces stickers on only the best materials for your needs – choose from paper, standard vinyl or conformable vinyl.  All our stickers are finished with a special laminate to protect them and ensure they stay looking great!


DRSi can create stickers for you in any size – from ½” to over a foot, so reach out today to make your custom labels, stickers or decals a reality!

Labels, stickers and decals have a wide range of potential uses:

  • Custom product labels in a wide range of sizes and shapes to create a matching look across your product line – put them on your product boxes, bottles or bags to make them look great!
  • Laptop stickers to equip your customers and biggest fans with a way to show their love and loyalty
  • Custom stickers to create a polished unboxing experience for your mailed products
  • Name tags to help event attendees meet one another and make new professional connections
  • Durable hard hat decals to reward workers for safety accomplishments – workers take pride in showcasing the number of decals they’ve collected as a symbol of their experience
  • Bumper stickers to represent your school, brand or club on your members’ vehicles
  • Equipment labels to document important information like recent service dates and operating instructions

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