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Ultimate Printing Guide for Property Managers

Being a property manager means that you wear many hats. From coordinating schedules to hiring contractors, you have a lot on your plate. One of the most challenging aspects of the job is communicating quickly and effectively with potential and current tenants. No matter the size of the property or the number of properties you manage, there is always something to communicate.

DRSi serves Puget Sound property management companies with high-quality print and signage production and delivery. Our service helps you ensure you can communicate all necessary information to your tenants and prospects. Reach out today for a quote.

Excellent Signage Streamlines a Property Manager’s Job

Having clear, easy-to-read signage throughout a property is essential to keeping everyone safe and in the loop about important details. Everything from pools to parking requires posted notices to provide information, communicate rules and help avoid issues and injuries.

Here are the top printed items that property managers rely on to help them do their jobs efficiently.

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Large-Format Signs

Standing out from the crowd is key to filling your properties with great tenants. With high-quality large-format signs, you can draw potential renters and fill vacancies. Every property manager knows how much work there is with turnover. Bold, branded signage such as aluminum composite signs do a lot of the work for you by attracting future tenants.

Large-format signs are great options for any of the following communication:

  • Grand Opening
  • For Rent
  • For Lease
  • Move-In Specials
  • Under New Management
  • Amenity Highlights: Pool, Pet-Friendly, Parking
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Seasonal and Year-Round Yard Signs

Yard signs are simple to store and swap out on your property as needed. They are perfect for communicating seasonal reminders such as your fireworks policy. They are also excellent for temporary needs such as asking people to keep off newly-planted grass. 

These signs offer fun ways to celebrate and build community throughout your properties, too. For example, congratulatory signs at graduation time are a nice touch for your tenants.

Promotional Items

Branded items can make fun giveaways for potential tenants when they tour the property. Printed items like tote bags, key chains or water bottles are a nice touch. These things are also perfect for grand openings or to use as occasional gifts or prizes for tenants.

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Parking Signage

Parking is often the biggest concern for property managers and their tenants. It’s also something that frequently causes confusion or disputes. Help avoid all of that by having clear, consistent signage throughout your parking areas. Additionally, window stickers or mirror hangers to show which cars are allowed to park in designated areas can be helpful. 

Pool Signage

Pools, hot tubs and community clubhouses add another layer of challenges for property managers. You need to communicate clearly what the rules and expectations are for these areas to ensure that you are providing a safe environment that can be enjoyed by all of your tenants. Clear signage is always critical in these spaces for safety. And in some places, it may be a legal or insurance requirement to avoid lawsuits.

Marketing Collateral

Every property management company has to market itself at some point. Having a steady supply of materials is critical to attracting and converting potential tenants. Some of the top printed items to have on hand include:

  • Business Cards
  • Flyers illustrating unit layouts and Prices
  • Property brochures with layouts and amenities
  • FAQ Handout

Move-In Folders

Once a tenant signs a lease, you will have a lot to communicate with them. A professional move-in folder helps you welcome your renters and alleviates the need for you to answer the same questions repeatedly.

This “Welcome Home” folder can include everything the tenants need to know about their new place, including:

  • Utilities Information
  • Emergency Contact Information
  • Rules and Regulations
  • Parking Information
  • Small Gift – Many property managers include small gift such as a keychain or pet accessory in their welcome folders.
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Seasonal Bulletins

Pre-emptive communication between property managers and tenants is always valuable. Offering a monthly or quarterly bulletin can help avoid conflicts or confusion about anything that may impact the property or tenants. These newsletters can include seasonal safety reminders, upcoming property maintenance, changes in rules and more. 

Event Materials

Many properties host events for their tenants or prospective tenants. Is there a community pool party coming? Or a pumpkin carving contest? Maybe a movie night?

Get the word out to your tenants with eye-catching flyers and signs. As with any sort of event marketing, you have to tell people early and often. Having enough handouts to go through your property a few times is useful. And for the day of the event, be sure to have a branded table cover for your check-in area and plenty of signage to direct attendees.

HOA Signage and Handouts

Of course, property management isn’t only for rentals. Owner-occupied townhomes and condos generally have an HOA and a property manager to help enforce the covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&Rs). With adequate signage throughout the property, you can ensure clear communication to avoid conflicts or misunderstandings.

Don’t Forget the Distribution

If you’re managing multiple properties, you need signage and other materials distributed to each of your properties. But driving from place to place to drop off everything isn’t a good use of your time. Be sure to choose a printing company that creates custom kits for each property based on the individual property’s facilities and number of units. And make sure they can efficiently distribute materials to each property for you. Your field staff will have what they need, where they need it, without you spending all your time in the car.

Cover All Your Bases 

For all property management printing needs, DRSi has you covered. Our expert team works with property owners and managers in Seattle and the surrounding areas to provide high-quality materials for your communication needs. 

Our web-to-print service is an ideal solution for property managers. It allows you to create a branded portal where all of your staff can order what they need when they need it. You set the parameters and styles, and they can choose from approved options.

We collaborate with you to determine the right products for your properties, and we have a dedicated fleet for deliveries. Connect with us today to get a quote.

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